Zsófia Vera

A list of the pieces I’ve recorded myself reading for you

Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash

I love telling stories and I’ve been told I have a soothing voice.

These are two reasons I can think of as to why I’ve started recording myself reading some of the pieces I’ve written here on Medium.

It all began when I was editing an article and resorted to reading it out loud, in order for any remaining mistakes or inconsistencies to…

More than a funeral, I want a biopic

The Seventh Seal (1957) by Ingmar Bergman ; © Svensk Filmindustri

I have long walked by your side.

—Death (Bengt Ekerot) in The Seventh Seal by Ingmar Bergman

There’s warm comfort in fantasising about one’s funeral. After all, considering the end of our lives can offer a chance to contemplate what we leave behind—be it through the people we meet or…

Disconnect from the dream to reconnect to yourself

Gloria Foster as The Oracle in The Matrix (1999) ; Warner Bros / Village Roadshow / Silver Pictures

The decisive moment you switch your phone to airplane mode, thus disconnecting your attachment to the outside world and its demands, alluring offers and invitations to play, is a bit like being thrust out of the Matrix.

As you observe the fat cables and wires that kept you plugged in…

Self-therapy through voice recordings

“Hello … it’s me” ; Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

I’ve been doing self-therapy by recording myself speak into my phone.

One reason for this is that in-person therapy—while an immensely worthwhile practice—is still an investment that, as a designer and artist working for myself during a time when people have had other priorities, is not something that I can…

Ridley Scott’s opulent and heady family saga

MGM / Bron Creative / Scott Free Productions

A few years back, as I was attempting to guess the fragrance of a would-be lover, I wandered into the men’s section of a perfume store, breathing in every bottle from Armani to Yves Saint Laurent, imagining what each scent would reveal about the person I was infatuated with. …

Here are my tunes for magic-making

Still from the video for Anvil by Lorn ; visual created by Geriko (Hélène Jeudy and Antoine Caëcke) ; Image Source

If you’ve been creating for a while, chances are that at some point, you have consciously committed to being an active recipient of the ideas that want to be made through you.

You sign a silent contract and soon, ideas seem to hit you at the most inopportune moment—while brushing…

Zsófia Vera

I bleed creativity. Writing about : film, music, healing, love, creative processes, obsession and identity. hello@zsofiavera.com

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