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Zsófia Vera

A list of the pieces I’ve recorded myself reading for you

I love telling stories and I’ve been told I have a soothing voice.

These are two reasons I can think of as to why I’ve started recording myself reading some of the pieces I’ve written here on Medium.

It all began when I was editing an article and resorted to reading it out loud, in order for any remaining mistakes or inconsistencies to…

I journeyed through the darkness and I’m here to help others heal.

Hey there, my name is Zsófia Vera.

It translates as wisdom (from the greek, sophia) and truth or faith (vera, from latin). Both my Sun and Rising signs are in Leo, which might explain the extensive array of…

There is beauty and healing in embracing fluidity

Weird, strange, peculiar—who knew one could find such meaningful release in these simple terms?

The term “queer” alludes, of course, to an entire community of people that has long been shamed and reviled for being other and is now reclaiming the term in celebration of this precise otherness.

But, rather…

The healing in the music of Editors

Dreams are messages from the depths

This cryptic command opens the film Dune by Denis Villeneuve and it’s been on my mind as I reflect on the way music sometimes seems to infiltrate our lives at the most opportune times to convey words of guidance.

Do you ever wake up to lost lyrics tumbling through your head?

These can be from a…

Beauty and pain in fragments of feeling

You can listen to me read this article here

I stayed away from romantic love for as long as I could.

A decade-long anorexia kept me entrenched in a limbo devoid of desire. …

Even when no one receives what you reveal

I’ve recently finished watching Season 3 of the hugely popular Netflix show Sex Education.

Set in high school, the narrative follows a wonderfully diverse set of young folk navigating the turmoil of friendship, romance and sexual awakening. It’s a pretty standard storyline, though what sets Sex Education apart from the…

One song that I keep returning to

Early on a Monday morning in September of 2020, I found myself, to my surprise, suddenly in the middle of a nearby forest, running for my life.

What’s surprising about that is less that I’m, at best, an occasional runner, but rather that, in actuality, no one was chasing me—nor…

Admitting a shameful truth

I’ve been reading Audre Lorde’s essay Uses of the Erotic every morning.

In it, she speaks of the energy that resides within all of us, which she calls “the erotic”. This alludes to a pure creative force that can be expressed through any which way we choose—be that art, connection…

A respite in the hungering

I’m eating porridge, at half past twelve at night, with sliced bananas, by candlelight.

I couldn’t stop thinking, in bed, so I connected to you, through prayer and a small death, to the sound of Max Richter’s Sleep Album, and as I came I wept — a tear for the…

A hypnotic, entrancing film that must be seen at the cinema

Dune was released in French cinemas last Wednesday, and I’ve already watched the sprawling 2h38 epic twice.

First, it was at my local arthouse cinema at a packed screening on Saturday evening. Then, just earlier today, I visited the gigantic multiplex, with a screen about five times the size of…

Zsófia Vera

Writer, Designer, Artist. I bleed creativity. I soak up feeling and try to transmit it. Deeply invested in healing myself and helping others heal.

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